Entry #1

New Songs, New Bands, New EVERYTHING!

2008-05-13 23:32:17 by starvingdude

Hey everyone! Guess whose back? GOOT! and what has he done this time? New album, what else has he done? helped other bands with his own recording studio in Poughkeepsie NY. The bands include The Morning Of, Southcott, I am the Pilot... and much more!.

Sadly, 3 weeks ago, my computer died, so I've lost EVERYTHING (including all my mixing equiptment drivers...which I had to pay for and I'm going to pay for again =[.) so it might take some time till I upload the new songs from Goot and the other bands.

John Thomas Taylor news: Well...nothing...he's quit making music for himself..for now, at the moment, he is just doing small shows for schools and friends. Sorry about the news JTT fans.

Thanks for reading the longest piece of crap I've ever wroten...=D!


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2008-05-16 12:11:19

This is good and bad news. Haha, got the read the piece of crap you know :D Goot is a band right ?

starvingdude responds:

One man band, yeah.

Someone read the whole thing? Holy crab-apple..