Entry #2


2008-07-04 01:19:02 by starvingdude

Hey peoplessssssssssss

Just a little update on the prgress of Goot. Hes currently on tour at the moment with his "touring band". Gig info available at Goots Myspace.

ASTRONINJA!! Whos that you'l be thinking, well they are a new band on NG, but infact they have been around since march this year, Im not uploading any of their songs because they already have some SONGS on NG. WoOt.

Have a listen to ASTRONINJA now, or you will regret it!


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2008-07-23 00:22:22

I'm making a flash out Tomamoto's voice demo :D I already started it, so you get your wish :D


2009-01-28 14:57:55

ASTRONINJA!!! AHH!!!! they rock mega hard and im sorry if i sound like a crazy fan but i just had to say it.